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Sing Along with Chris and Anita

Saturday, April 6 (see bottom of list for full calendar of dates) 

Doors: 7:30 Music: 8PM

No reservation necessary!

Chris says:

The general idea we have in mind is simply to make music together, because that’s just plain fun.  This leads to a few very general guidelines:

– We’ll lean more towards songs than instrumentals, but by all means bring that dulcimer and play some tunes if you want!

– Sing-along songs are most encouraged, although of course we want to hear you share your talents!

– We wouldn’t want to limit our genres, but if the words are printed in Rise Up Singing, everyone will appreciate it!

– As much as possible, we’d like to give everyone a chance to choose a song to two — shy persons will be supported gently and lovingly!

Oh, and BYOB. Food offerings are not necessary, but of course we won’t bar the door if you try to bring something.

Let’s sing together every month in 2019! All dates are on Saturdays:

April 6

May 4

June 1

July 13

August 3

September 7

October 5

November 16

December 21

May 5 Marie VanderBeck Trio

3PM (doors at 2:30)

$10 (only!) suggested donation at the door & TIP the BAND Generously

Vocal: Marie Vanderbeck has been singing for many years – Old Country, Blues, Rock, Jazz, Bluegrass, Appalachian – to name a few of her styles. Her voice is her instrument and she fine tunes it to be soft and sensuous or loud and sassy. Her love of music is contagious and you’ll find the audience singing along with her. She is a joy to watch and to hear.

Piano: Ken Broun has always loved music of all kinds, especially jazz. Continually a student, Ken is always searching for the perfect technique, tone and note or chord. He is never without a smile behind the keyboard and he has the “feel” that is so necessary with jazz. It is important to him that he connect with his audience, which he always manages to do.

Bass: Mike Chrzanowski has a played a variety of music – Bluegrass, Country, Polka, Blues, Jazz, Rock. He is a much sought after musician with a formal understanding of how music is conducted. He and Ken work harmoniously to find just the right tone, texture and timing to support the vocals

Saturday,May 18: Shamu Garcon with Four Piece Supreme

8PM (doors at 7)

$5 (only!) suggested donation at the door & TIP the BAND Generously

Shamu Garcon puts their funky stamp on the dance hall music of Louisiana and beyond.   Propelled by accordion and fiddle, anchored by an all-star rhythm section, Shamu Garcon plays 2 steps, waltzes, polkas, and reels.

Once properly wrangled and sedated, the moon howling caterwaulers known as Four Piece Supreme use their unusual array of string, brass, and percussive instruments to perform a captivating collection of songs drawn from jug band, ol’ time, and Appalachian roots