Cary & Mark

“Lovely stuff. So much depth of sound out of just two banjos.” — Old Time News, UK
“Their banjos weave in and out in delightful and surprising ways… The entire album is filled with virtuosic banjo playing and is a must-have for banjo geeks and old-time music fans alike.”  — The Glory-Beaming Banjo
Mark Olitsky plays clawhammer banjo and has recorded with various string bands in Virginia and North Carolina. Widely regarded for his unusual, driving banjo style, Mark has been interviewed about his approach and reviewed in the Old-Time Herald, Banjo Newsletter, and Bluegrass Unlimited. Mark has won prizes for his playing at many old-time conventions throughout the South in both solo banjo and string-band competitions. in 2012, he won the Cuyahoga County Seth Rosenberg prize in music and was selected to represent old-time banjo in the “First Voice” documentary of twelve Ohio musicians produced by ROAM (Roots of American Music).

Cary Moskovitz is a string band musician and singer who has performed both solo and in a variety of bands in North Carolina, Virginia, and Maine for the past 35 years. Cary’s unique style on four-string banjo incorporates syncopated elements of clawhammer banjo, double-stop harmonies derived from traditional Appalachian fiddling, and blues and jazz influences.


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