Welcome to 

The Great Hall on Chicken Bridge Road!



The Great Hall on Chicken Bridge Road is a large room with acoustics to encourage any musician to get up and play! I host old time, bluegrass, the UCLACC Dances, a monthly sing-along, cajun, zydeco, spoken word, book releases, workshops, and more for folks I know and folks they know. This is my home, not a business!

In 2013, Charles and I purchased this house with 2 goals in mind: to be a part of the local community and to use this place for gatherings and expressions of creativity. From the very first concert (Cary Moskovitz honoring Papa Charlie Jackson) we participated joyfully as our friends and their friends came together to enjoy music played by real people, with a focus on DANCING! Charles loved being on that dance floor!

I begin 2019 thankful to you all for keeping the music alive. It has been such a help. Thank you for your support of me and of The Great Hall.   

xoxo katy

2019 in The Great Hall

The 2019 calendar is filling up fast! MarjMarie and the UCLACC successfully parked and danced the night away in January, so I do believe I can have a few things in February and March, even with the threat of soggy weather!

Great Hall Limited Parking Concert Series

I am so excited to announce that while I work to get the parking lot into great shape, there IS enough parking for some awesome events in February, March, and April!!!  

(limited to about 50 cars; hence, the Limited Parking Concert Series! )

**Reservations will be collected by email for most of these concerts. (greathallnews@gmail.com)

Here’s what’s on the schedule, so far (click this link)!